Sento Isuzu
Isuzu Sento
Sento, Isuzu
Some attributes
Age No confirmed age, but story makes it seem 17-19?
Birthday July 26th
Zodiac Leo
Blood Type A
Gender: Female
Species: Native of Maple Land
Other attributes
Occupation: Secretary
First Appearance: Chap1-Ep1
Japanese Voice: Ai Kakuma


Isuzu has brown hair tired up by a white bow with brown trimmings. She has brown eyes. She wears an red blazer with a white bow and golden accents. She has a black skirt with white frills. This matches with her white socks with a black ribbon along the top and black boots with gray laces.


Isuzu has a stoic personality. She is very quick to point her magical muzzle-loader which is demonstrated in the first episode as she did with Seiya. Her face is usually expressionless. She finds it hard to smile and is not good at understanding jokes. If she thinks too much, she gets confused with what to say. She comes across as cold and blunt but behind that she is also very sensitive.

She appears to be violent but however that is because she is unaware of what are the "proper" ways to approach and ask help from humans. From this, it implies she has little experience with social interactions with humans or just not good socialising skills.


Isuzu is from a magic land called Mapleland. She holds the title of First Royal Guard and also equipped a magical muzzle-loader named Steinberger.

Isuzu transferred during the third semester of high school and brushed away the flood of men approaching her.


Volume 1Edit

Isuzu is seen pointing her muzzle-loader into Seiya's face, asking him to go on a date with her. She loads a bullet and shoots just a few centimeters away from his face to demonstrate how serious she is.

Volume 2Edit


Volume 3Edit


Volume 4Edit



Seiya KanieEdit

They both go to the same school. Up until the day they went on a 'date', they have not had any interactions with each other, however she has been investigating him the whole time. Currently she works as his secretary.

Latifa FleuranzaEdit

She works as a Royal Guard for the princess. She seems to care deeply about her. Isuzu is one of Latifa's closest friends.


Isuzu has magical muzzle-loader named Steinberger. Because her muzzle-loader has been magically infused into her body she can summon it from any exposed skin.


  • Her name Isuzu Sento might be a pun meaning 50 cents. Template:Nihongo means 50 bells while Sento sounds like cent. This is most likely a reference to rapper 50 Cent.
  • In the past, she has managed the park for 1 year.
  • She has poor drawing skills.
  • Despite her stoic demeanour, she likes to use emojis while texting people. However, most of the emojis she uses does not match with what she writes.
  • The first thing she puts on when getting dressed after a bath is her stockings.
  • She eats alone.
  • She likes taking baths because she is a descendant of Kappa. She points out that she has to take 3 baths a day otherwise she starts to feel like she's dying.
  • She currently lives in the staff dormitory that is located inside the park.