2nd Ep

Kanie is standing on the train platform read the people on the other side of the tracks. The first guy "Damn. That cute lady's nowhere to be seen today.". A girl kind of nerves "I might've made my skirt too short. Another guy "1185, Yoritomo Shogunate."
Kanie mad "That's wrong!" Isuzu is in the background with no reaction. She ask "What wrong?" Kanie looks at Isuzu and pointing at the second guy. "What does he mean, Yoritomo? It's Kamakura!" Isuzu "Ignore it. I trust that you believe me now? Maple Land royalty can bestow people with magic through a kiss." Kanie flashback a picture of Latifah on the balcony. Isuzu "Indeed. She's a princess.Looks like your power is mind-reading. Try it on me." Kanie looks at her and dose his thing. He hear her say. "There are rcords of someone else having that power in the past,but they could only use it once per person." Kanie "Hang on. Does that mean I can't use it on you anymore?" Isuzu "Precisely." Kanie "You set me up. Didn't want me reading your mind, Huh?" Isuzu "Maybe." Kanie "Why give me this power?" Isuzu
"To have you accept the manager's role, of course. We're heading to the park again after school." Kanie "I refu--" Isuzu shove the gun into his mouth before he can finish the word.

A camera shot of Latifah Castle front. Latifah looking out from her balcony. She hears a noise and turns around. To see Moffle coming through a set of double doors onto the balcony. She runs over to Moffle. "Uncle!" She huge Moffle. He stand back. "Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday, Latifah. Latifah "Don't be. It's fine." Moffie "Did you end up meeting that Kanie fellow?" Latifah "I did. But he pa
ssed out during the magic-bestowing ritual, so I asked Isuzu-san to wather over him." Moffle "So you and that kid..." Latifah "Excuse me?" Moffle "Nothing. I hope he and Isuzu don't end up going down the wrong path." Latifah "The wrong path? Moffle "Uh... You'll understand once you grow up. Sorry. That was thoughless of me." Latihah sad. "Maybe not this year, but I'm sure I will someday. I feel like things might change if Kaie-sama joins us.